Barbara's Place

Barbara's Place

Huuuuuge dynamites!

Exterior of Barbara's, 2019.
(Google Street View, July 2019).

77 North Main Street, Woonsocket
(401) 762-4730

The dynamites at this family-run lunch counter (named for one half of the husband-wife duo of Robert and Barbara Atstupenas), are enormous. Or at least, the one we had was enormous, biggest we've ever seen. We had to attack it with a fork before we dared pick it up, and even then we still dropped a lot of the remaining contents on the plate.

A big dynamite sandwich.
So big. (May 31, 2008).

Also on the menu (among other stuff): white and red clam chowder, clam cakes, stuffies, fish and chips, hot weiners, grinders, coffee milk, French meat pies, and salmon pies.

Cash only.

Barbara's Place is open Monday to Wednesday, 5am-2pm; Thursday to Saturday, 5am-7pm; Sunday, 5am-12pm for breakfast only.

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