Arruda's Dairy Farm

Arruda's Dairy Farm

Coffee milk so fresh it moos!

Exterior of Arruda's Dairy store
(June 15, 2019).

408 Stafford Road, Tiverton
(401) 624-8898

Arruda's was founded in 1917 in Fall River by Georgianna and Joseph Arruda. In the early 1950s, the farm was bisected when Route 24 and Canning Boulevard were constructed, so the family moved their operation to another farm they owned in Tiverton. The farm is now run by daughter Jean Moniz, her husband Antone, and their sons Tony and Joseph. The 180-acre farm sustains 130 cows. A partner farm founded by Antone's dad, Tony Sr., in 1958 has an additional 275.

Orange juice, coffee milk, and chocolate milk.
(March 11, 2006).

A door at the side of the main building puts you into a small entryway, beyond which you can see a dim work area. If you're able to get the attention of a dairy employee, they'll be happy to sell you regular, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or coffee milk from the refrigerator case to your right. We recommend the tiniest size—they're so cute!

Coffee milk and chocolate milk.
(June 15, 2019).

Besides milk, Arruda's also sells orange juice and fresh meat (including ground beef, sirloin, tenderloin, London broil, and minute steaks), and eggnog in season.

Fresh frozen boneless ribeye steaks.
Fresh frozen boneless ribeye steaks. (Arruda's Dairy on Facebook, September 26, 2015).

Hours: Arruda's Dairy Farm is open Monday and Wednesday, 8am-7pm; Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8am-10pm; Saturday, 7:30am-7pm; and Sunday, 7:30am-10pm.


  • Rhode Island's Outstanding Dairy Farm of the Year, Rhode Island Green Pasture Committee, 2006.

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