If we hadn't blown it up and sold it for souvenirs, this would be our Plymouth Rock.

(CBS, 2001-present) travel competition series

b. August 16, 1939, Quincy, Massachusetts
d. November 16, 2010, Barrington

b. September 23, 1738, Providence
d. September 6, 1836, Providence

b. 1824 and 1840
d. 1897 and 1917

b. December 9, 1956, West Warwick

b. August 29, 1932, Warren
d. June 3, 1998, Boston, Massachusetts

b. December 3, 1733, Providence
d. December 3, 1785, Providence

When I was a child fifty years ago, Salty was in my life at breakfast and dinnertime five days a week, between 1950 or so and the middle sixties.

I was so happy when he would say, "No school Warren." That was great. Then watching Salty's Shack...

by Teresa Brewer

From a 1952 non-album single.

b. 1925, Madison, Connecticut
d. January 10, 2000

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has confirmed the largest icy comet nucleus ever seen by scientists. The C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli-Bernstein) nucleus is about 80 miles in diameter, which is larger than the state of Rhode Island, NASA says.

So what you're saying is, I mean, [home umpire] Phil Cuzzi may have a strike zone the approximate size of Rhode Island tonight, but it looks like he's going both ways with it.
—Dave O'Brien in a discussion on WB-11, New York, Mets at Yankees, June 24, 2005.

The massive Folsom Dam holds back nearly 1 million acre-feet of water, enough to submerge the entire state of Rhode Island under a foot of water.

The power of the blast felled trees outward in a radial pattern over an area of 2,150 square kilometers, more than half the size of Rhode Island.