Buddy Christ, 1999
Buddy Christ, from the 1999 movie Dogma

Screenshot of Kathy Bates in Misery, 1990
"Tell those cockadoodie media je

Quahog staffers took part in their first public event on February 10, 2009, manning an information table at I Heart Providence. Organizers of the event invited people to Providence City Hall to meet, mingle, and confess their feelings for Rhode Island's capital city.

It wasn't always just another day off
by D. Scott Molloy

Strange that a harp of thousand strings Should keep in tune so long.

THE subscriber has several chambers to let in his house which is beautifully located directly opposite Trinity Church Burying Ground; he will rent the rooms with furniture, or without, as may best suit

News clipping
(Providence Journal, November 17,

Discover Rhode Island! (It's not just the old license plate slogan.)

With the BP oil spill gushing up to 62,000 barrels of crude per day into the Gulf of Mexico, it was very timely to come across this article in an old local newspaper from March 4, 1968.

80 DAYS—Don't do this!

Earle's Service Station, Meetinghouse Lane, Little Compton.
Photographed March 11, 2006.

Rhode Islanders Steve and Danny Smith are brothers.

"Le Reve, the Man in Water," by artist James Steele can be seen in the Providence River, just south of the Crawford Street Bridge. It has appeared in various incarnations since 1999.

Brick, 2023
Brick from Stiles Brick Company, Connecticut, circa 1900.