Eight walls to enfold you.
by Louis McGowan, with additional material by Christopher Martin

I grew up summers in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Even though we lived in other states in New England during the winters, I always looked forward to getting back to Narragansett. My family had a summer business there and I remember listening to Salty Brine every day.

b. August 24, 1986, Providence

(1966-'71) gothic soap opera

Robert O'Brien, in his guidebook, This is San Francisco, A Classic Portrait of the City, was less than enthused about S.F.'s Bush Street: "You won't remember it; you will get it mixed up with some street in Seattle or Chicago or that Armageddon of drabness and futility, Pawtucket, Rh

News clipping
(Providence Journal, November 17,

Per square mile, Rhode Island has more shipwrecks than any other state, and other fascinating tidbits!

(Fox, 1993-2002, '16, '18) sci-fi drama series

Discover Rhode Island! (It's not just the old license plate slogan.)

Murder or mishap?

Buddy Christ, 1999
Buddy Christ, from the 1999 movie Dogma