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Christopher Scott Martin, Editor-in-Chief
A native of Woodstock, New York, Christopher was invited to visit Rhode Island by Dan and vi in 1989, and never left. In the beginning he was no more enamored of the state than he was of any other, but Little Rhody snuck up on him, and now his obsession with all things Rhode Island verges on the pathological. He spends his weekends driving from border to border, looking for places glimpsed in faded photographs or mentioned in obscure books, and eating too many hot weiners. Despite his efforts, however, he understands that to some he will never be a "real" Rhode Islander.

Dan Hillman, Tech Guy
Dan grew up a couple doors down from Spalding Gray's house in Barrington, attended the same school as Buddy Cianci, and shares great-great-great-grandparents with Bruce Sundlun. He wasn't tall enough in time to be dared to ride the Flying Fish at Crescent Park, for which he is grateful. Dan has lived in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Ireland, England, and Hong Kong, yet somehow still can't escape Rhode Island.

Claudia Sorsby, Editor
A native New Yorker, Claudia was converted to Rhode Island cuisine by a stuffie. Despite years of study, her Rhode Island accent has not progressed beyond the phrases "Care Bear hair," "Warwick Mall" and "Cranston Camaro."

vi, Editorial Pedant
Originally from Delaware, vi lived in Providence for a few years in the early 1990s. While here he worked variously as a balloon vendor at Roger Williams Park Zoo, a nude model, and a legal secretary. Now he works as a translator in Chikugo, Japan.

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