Fuel for the nocturnal rambler.

Rhode Island, for all its aspirations as a cosmopolitan city-state, is a place that still rolls up its sidewalks at night. Finding late night eats can be a bit of a challenge. Following is a selection of establishments that offer sustenance to denizens of the dark past 1am at least one night a week.

Amanda's Kitchen
54 Smithfield Avenue, Pawtucket
(401) 723-7222
Monday-Thursday, 5am-2pm; Friday, 5am-7pm and 11pm-4am; Saturday, 6am-1pm and 11pm-4am; Sunday, 7am-1pm

Betty's Restaurant
1075 Charles Street, North Providence
(401) 724-7993
Monday-Thursday, 5:30am-1pm and 11pm-3am; Friday, 5:30am-1pm and 10pm-1pm on Saturday; Saturday, 10pm-1pm on Sunday; Sunday, 11pm-3am

Big Tony's Pizzeria
525 Eaton St, Providence
(401)  490-0000
Monday-Saturday, 11am-4am; Sunday, 12pm-4am

Firehouse Hot Dogs
39 Putnam Pike, Johnston
(401) 231-9749
Wednesday, 6pm-1am; Thursday, 8pm-2am; Friday and Saturday, 6pm-3am

Harriet's Kitchen
350 Atwood Avenue, Cranston
(401) 942-9534
Monday-Thursday, 6am-2pm; Friday, 6am-8pm and 11pm-3am; Saturday, 6:30am-2pm and 11pm-3am; Sunday, 6am-2pm

Haven Brothers Diner
Next to City Hall, Fulton Street, Providence
(401) 861-7777
Daily, 5pm-5am

195 West Main Road, Middletown
(401) 847-9818
Sunday-Thursday, 6am-midnight; Friday and Saturday, 6am-3am

45 Pleasant Valley Parkway, Providence
(401) 626-4314
Open 24 hours

Midnight Mike's
400 Harris Avenue, Providence
(401) 345-4204
Wednesday-Saturday, 8pm-2am

Olneyville New York System
18 Plainfield Street, Providence
(401)  621-9500
Monday to Thursday, 7am-2am; Friday and Saturday, 7am-3am; and Sunday, 6pm-2am

Original New York System
424 Smith Street, Providence
(401) 331-5349
Daily, 6am-3am

Patriots Diner
65 Founder's Drive, Woonsocket
(401) 765-6900
Open 24 hours

Seaplane Diner
307 Allens Ave, Providence
(401) 941-9547
Monday to Friday, 5am-3pm; Saturday, 5am-2pm; and Sunday 7am-1pm. Also, Friday and Saturday, 11pm-4am

Wes' Rib House
38 Dike Street, Providence
(401) 421-9090
Sunday-Thursday, 11:30am-2am; Friday and Saturday, 11:30am-4am

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