64-66 Brown Street, Wickford, North Kingstown
(401) 294-0000

This poor elderly Worcester lunchcar has been so heavily (and so often) renovated that only the tell-tale shape of the roof gives away its manufactured origin. Built in the 1920s and formerly known as the Brown Diner and the Wickford Diner, it's now (as of July 2015) an Italian restaurant. In 2005 the owners blew out part of the north wall to expand into an adjacent storefront, meaning the loss of more of the original diner structure. But on the positive side the eatery is much less cramped and one shouldn't have to wait as long for a table. Still, if you're a real diner purist, you might need to hit the bar, located in the lunchcar, for a good, stiff drink.

Tate's Italian Kitchen is open for lunch Wednesday to Sunday, 1:30am-3pm; for dinner Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 5-10pm; Friday/Saturday 5-11pm; and Sunday 5-9pm.

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