1175 Succotash Road, Jerusalem, Narragansett
(401) 783-2050

Jim's Dock is oddly positioned geographically. The little slice of Jerusalem it occupies is really part of Narragansett, even though separated from the rest of the town by Point Judith Pond. With a really good slingshot, you could probably hit Champlin's Seafood Deck across the way with a quahog, but the roundabout 12.2-mile drive from Jim's Dock to Champlin's would take you twenty-seven minutes. Maybe that's why Jim's Dock claims in its advertisements to be located in Wakefield, South Kingstown.

But whether you find it in Narragansett or South Kingstown it's still one of our much loved spots. We like to kick back on the deck and watch the boats go by while enjoying Jim's famous clam cakes, Point Judith stuffed quahogs, and New England or Rhode Island clear clam chowder. All the other fishy favorites, from fish and chips to lobster rolls and Maryland style crab cakes, can be found on the menu as well. Much of it (the local stuff, anyway) is delivered fresh off the boat several times a week. For the fish-phobic, there are burgers and sandwiches. We note that Jim's still harbors a grudge against the French: their natural cut potatoes are fried the Freedom way.

Part of a family business in its third-generation, the restaurant was opened by Dave DeCubellis as an add-on to his father's (the eponymous Jim) docking facility in 1972. In October 2012 Jim's Dock was all but destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The docks and all the restaurant's exterior amenities were swept away, leaving only the battered main building standing on its pilings. The owners rallied and over the following months worked their asses off to rebuild the restaurant in time to re-open just after Memorial Day Weekend 2013.

Jim's Dock Restaurant is open summers, 7am to 9pm.


Yankee Magazine's Best of New England Editor's Choice: Best Fresh Seafood (2009)

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