4 Redmond Street, Warren
(401) 247-0675

Amaral's, opened in 1984, serves "natural" clam chowder, a tasty dairy-free chowder that's thicker and cloudier than regular clear chowder, and has a green tinge. They also serve a red chowder; white is available on Fridays only. Amaral's stuffies come with a light coating of chili pepper that gives them a little bit of a kick. Their clam cakes are quite good, as well.

Another treat at Amaral's is Mother Zelia's sweet Portuguese bread. Prepared in small batches, it's only available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and only until it sells out. Zelia, seventy-nine years old as of 2012, learned the recipe and techniques at her mother's elbow growing up in Sao Miguel, Portugal. Up until about 2008 she kneaded all the dough herself, but her sons, Donald and Tony, convinced her to switch to a commercial mixing machine. Customers love Zelia's sweet breads so much they often ship them to family and friends all over the country.

Amaral's is open Monday, 9am-3pm; Tuesday to Thursday, 9am-8pm; Friday, 9am-9pm; and Saturday, 9am-8pm.


Rhode Island Monthly's Best of Rhode Island: Best Fish and Chips (1994).
Rhode Island Monthly's Readers' Poll: Best Fried Clams (1994).

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Posted by Claw on January 31, 2007
Member since January 2007
A great, true clam shack, in the best sense of the term. Love the clamcakes, they're light and crisp, and the fried clams (complete with bellies). Do watch out for the evil Rhode Island-style clam chowder, though, unless you like that kind of thing. Oh, and it gets wicked busy on Fridays, as the mandatory seafood crowd comes in (or takes out, by the boxload) for their fix.

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