307 Allens Avenue, Providence
(401) 941-9547

The Seaplane Diner is a 1940s or '50s O'Mahony (depending on the source) that, under the name Gerard's, was originally located in Woonsocket. It was moved to Providence in 1973 and renamed for its proximity to a seaplane port which is no longer extant. For years the diner was hidden behind a plywood facade and topped with a mansard roof, but the siding was removed in the late 1990s revealing the glorious stainless steel exterior. In the early 2000s the diner's missing decorative blue pinstriping was replaced with a sparkly stick-on version.

Inside there are tableside Seeburg Consolette jukes, but unfortunately they are not working. The interior decor is clean and uncluttered and the large windows let in plenty of light. In addition to the usual diner provisions, the menu offers linguica and eggs, coffee milk, snail salad, and (on Fridays) clam chowder and clam cakes. The Sea Plane Special (three eggs, toast, homefries, and corned beef hash) is enough to assuage anyone's hunger.

The Seaplane Diner is open Monday to Friday, 5am-3pm; Saturday, 5am-1pm; and Sunday 7am-1pm. Also, Friday and Saturday, 11pm-4am.


Rhode Island Monthly Best of Rhode Island: Best Diner Lunch Special (meatloaf) (2002).

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Posted by Achin on February 7, 2010
Member since February 2010
My family and I just moved to Edgewood and saw the diner. When we walked in there was no line but the booths were filled with people. Good sign. We were greeted with big smiles and hot coffee. I have to say the wait staff was great and the food that followed was equally good. When the little one eats all of her sausages you know the food is good. I know we will be back to the Seaplane Diner.
Posted by Associate Professor on October 19, 2008
Member since October 2008
Scrappy staff BAD attitude I was shocked. I had been looking forward to trying the seaplane - very cool classic ole diner, but they are never open! Finally after 8 years they were actually open so I popped in. Big mistake - scrappy attitude from the start, and then after 10 minutes, they said, "alright we're aclosin' - wrap it up buddy" I was shocked - I had JUST been served!! I didnt even eat my lunch, I got up and left. I should have gone to OV's as I always do - OV's staff is amazing!
Posted by Wooster on July 5, 2008
Member since December 2007
I can't say I've ever been there in daylight - but it is a favorite late night spot for great diner food! I've always had good service and great food at a reasonable price.

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