16 East Road, Tiverton Four Corners, Tiverton
(401) 624-4500

Gray's Ice Cream is legendary in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. It's regularly recognized by Rhode Island Monthly in its Best of Rhode Island issues—especially the magazine's readers' polls, where Gray's is consistently voted tops for cold creamy treats.

Annie Gray began selling ice cream from the back window of her house in 1923. At first she only sold ice cream that had been made in Fall River from Tiverton milk, but before long she cut out the middleman and began offering her own homemade vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and coffee ice cream.

Annie ran the place until 1938, when she died. The business then passed into the hands of her daughter, Florence "Flossie" Brow, who added rum raisin and frozen pudding, among others, to the flavor choices. Flossie carried the Gray's torch for a number of years before selling the stand to a couple of guys who worked the goldmine until 1979. The current owner, Marilyn Dennis, bought Gray's in 1981, and proudly carries on the tradition.

The menu now includes more than forty flavors, with coffee being the number one seller. And while grapenut, orange pineapple, and peach brandy are all worthy choices, it's probably the ginger, made with liberal amounts of the minced root, that people are most curious to taste. Christopher tried it once and thought it too sweet, but many folks swear by it. But what do they know? Try it yourself!

A satellite location, Gray's on the Dock, was opened at 259 Thames Street in Bristol on June 1, 2002.

Gray's Ice Cream in Tiverton is open 365 days a year; Monday-Thursday, 6:30am-7pm; Friday-Sunday, 6:30am-8pm.


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