1012 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston

The Cranston location of Olneyville New York System has only been around since 1981 so it doesn't have quite as much time-worn character as the original, but it has all of the same menu items and the same jokes posted in the prep area.

Olneyville New York System Cranston is open daily from 11am–2am, with window service only after 1am.

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Posted by KA1ZFY on August 24, 2008
Member since August 2008
I walked in and told the man at the grill that I had never had a New York System Wiener before. He called out, "We've got a virgin in the house." I asked for a typical wiener with what an RI resident might get on it. He served me up a couple of small dogs with meat sauce, onions, and other condiments. I bolted them so fast I forget what they tasted like. Guess I'll have to go back. I could've eaten a couple more of them, anyway. I will, without doubt, be returning to Olneyville NYS.

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