48 Commons Way, Little Compton
(401) 635-4388

If you visit Little Compton, you have to have johnny cakes at Commons Lunch. Go in the morning—we hear Billy Joel eats breakfast there when he's in town.

The johnny cakes are large, almost crêpe-thin, light, and lacey. If you think you prefer the thicker, West Bay version of this regional offering, these might just change your mind. Commons Lunch serves a wide range of casual café and clam shack staples, as well, but if you're looking for more of that regional stuff, try their quahog chowder and fritters with a stuffed quahog. Or take a crack at a taste of Woonsocket with their homemade French meat pie. If you have room there are many desserts to choose from, including traditional grapenut and Indian puddings.

Before Commons Lunch opened in 1966, the original 104-year-old building was a barbershop, a grain store, and a soda fountain. It burned down in March 2004, but the restaurant's owners worked hard to bring it back to life, and the Lunch reopened in a new building on May 8, 2006.

Commons Lunch is open every day, 6am-8pm.

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