110 Maple Avenue, Barrington
(401) 245-2355

Vienna is a full-service bakery, offering the best of pastries, biscuits, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, birthday and wedding cakes, pies, calzones, pizza (both Italian strip and Chicago style), and bread and rolls. If, while standing before their display cases (or perusing their photo stream on Facebook), you don't drool like Homer Simpson, you're not alive.

Joe Balasco is the third generation of his family to run Vienna Bakery on Maple Avenue, a fixture in town since 1935 when Mr. Balasco's grandfather bought it from a banker he ran into while walking to work in Depression-era Providence. The senior Balasco, an Italian immigrant and baker by trade, ran the shop until the 1950s when Mr. Balasco's father took over the business. Twenty-seven years ago, Joe Balasco donned the floury white jacket and has been turning out sweets, breads, and calzones ever since. (eastbayri.com, 2003)

The pizza strips we tried at Vienna Bakery are square with a nice, wet sauce, sprinkled with a bit of some kind of grated, hard cheese, perhaps parmesan. This last slightly stretches the boundaries of the pizza strip definition, but we'll allow it because it was delicious.

Vienna Bakery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 7:30am-6pm; Sunday, 7:30am-5pm.


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