1617 Elmwood Avenue, Cranston
(401) 461-9208

Hath not a wiener onions? Hath not a wiener celery salt, mustard, sauce, bun? If you grill it, doth it not sizzle? If you bite it, doth it not ooze? If you swallow it, doth it not satisfy? And if you finish it, shall you not have another?

Stykee's was opened by Constantine Scapinakis in 1990.

Don't come here looking for wieners on the weekend, as they only serve breakfast Saturday morning, and are closed Sundays. Come during the week instead.

Stykee's is open Monday to Friday, 6:30am-3pm; and Saturday, 7am-12pm (breakfast only). Closed Sunday.

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Posted by Vonbock on October 28, 2011
Member since October 2011
Great coffee - watch out for the 'older' waitress - she's got a vindictive streak if she decides she doesn't like you. Styk is okay tho'. Portions are moderate - prices are average. Food is very good. Lots of friendly customers and everyone gets along.

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