1031 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence
(401) 722-7922

Weiners, cabinets, and coffee milk. There are other things on the menu at Sam's, but why would you want anything else?

Well, maybe because you're Lori from Mansfield, New Hampshire, and you have a pea soup fetish. She enthused about Sam's pea soup on Yelp in 2013:

And then there's their pea soup. The patriarch of the family gets up early to make the pea soup, homemade old-school style (not sure if they have it every day, but they've had it every time we've gone). You need to understand that I LOVE pea soup, that I have impossibly high standards for pea soup and that my dad made the best damn pea soup ever. Sam's is the only thing that even comes close to touching my dad's. I actually got choked up the first time I tried it, telling the owners' daughter to tell her dad how good it was and how much it reminded me of my own dad. No lie, every time I've gone, I've come out of their with 3-4 pea soups to go. It's creamy and rich and smoky and so, so good. I don't care if it's 90 degrees out, I'm getting the pea soup. I'm sure their other soups are good too, but I'll probably never know.

Okay, so maybe wieners, cabinets, and coffee milk aren't the be-all end-all. Try the Italian grinders, the grape nut pudding, the gyros (with housemade tzatziki sauce), the fish and chips. Several Yelpers also note that the floor show put on by the argumentative Greek family that runs the place is worth the trip all by itself.

Sam's deals in cash only, so plan accordingly.

Sam's New York System is open Monday-Thursday, 11am-9pm; Friday-Saturday, 11am-10pm; closed Sunday.

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Posted by rowdy1 on March 24, 2010
Member since March 2010
Always a good experience whenever we visit RI. My wife grew up in Pawtucket and we visit a couple of times a year, a "Rhode Island Run". We get the weiners, coffemilk and cabinet fix here. Clean, good service, good price.

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