2298 West Shore Road, Warwick
(401) 732-6499

Judging by the posts on Yelp and their unofficial Facebook page, Peter's is regarded by its patrons as primarily a breakfast place. Pics of smiling kids with huge plates of pancakes, waffles, and French toast abound. But it wouldn't be a "Coney Island System" without the weiners, and when it comes to those savory oblongs of goodness, Peter's has an impeccable pedigree.

The Peter of Peter's is Peter Stevens, grandson of Anthony, the patriarch behind Olneyville New York System. Peter worked for his uncle, Nicholas, in the shop until 1984, when he took over management of The Weiner Man on Reservoir Avenue in Cranston (now Olneyville's second location). Peter then purchased Coney Island System in East Providence from the Kanelos family (to which the Stevenses are related by marriage). He ran that until 1989 when he sold the business to "Sparky" Watts and opened Peter's Coney Island System in Warwick.


Peter uses his grandfather's original weiner sauce recipe, unaltered despite the passage of time. He sold the same recipe to Sparky along with the East Providence business, so if you taste a family resemblance, it's not your imagination. Peter says that, although he could have weiners fresh off the grill whenever he likes, he actually prefers to wrap a few up in take-out paper and let them sit awhile. He says they're better, more flavorful, that way.

Besides the usual breafast staples and the weiners, the menu at Peter's Coney Island includes sandwiches, Greek salad, sausage and peppers (plate or sandwich), shepherd's pie, linguica, grape nut pudding, and coffee milk. Fridays are seafoodtastic at Peter's, as fish and chips, clamcakes, stuffies, white and red chowder, calamari, and fried clams, scallops, and shrimp are added to the menu.

Peter's Coney Island System's hours are Monday and Wednesday-Friday, 6:30am-2pm; Saturday and Sunday, 7am-12pm; closed Tuesday.

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