1501C Hartford Avenue, Johnston
(401) 272-8876

Vanessa C left this review on Yelp in 2010, and truly, we couldn't say it better:

Honestly, I don't find much variation in quality among Del's Lemonade stands. THEY ARE ALL FLIPPIN AWESOME! Seriously though, so long as you know what to expect, its always the same: It is quite literally a lemonade stand - you stand at the screen, hand over your sweaty dollar bills in exchange for pure frozen paradise. No seating, so don't plan to hang around - just leave the motor running, grab your cup, crank your car A/C and enjoy the sweet nectar of summertime, Rhode Island style.

This Del's location is open 10am-10pm, April through October.

More information about Del's can be found on our page about Del's World Headquarters.

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