150 Long Wharf, Newport
(401) 847-1700

The Shack began in 2010 as a fisherman's cooperative where you could buy lobster, rock and sand crab, and conch fresh off the boats. In July 2014 the 'kitchen' portion of the shack opened, offering various lobster-based items cooked in their on-site concession trailer. In addition to traditional steamed lobster dinners and lobster rolls, there's also Lobster Cakes (like a clam cake but with lobster), Lobster Bites (lobster meat dredged in cornmeal and lightly fried), Lobster Strips, and Lobster Bisque. As of this writing (October 2014), they're still exploring the possibilities, so the menu is likely to grow.

The Fishermen in Newport Cooperative, comprised of about twenty-five local fishermen, cuts out the wholesale middleman, allowing them to sell a portion of their catch directly to the public for more than they would get selling to wholesalers. But because the wholesalers aren't taking a cut, the prices are lower for me and you, too. It's a win-win for everyone! Except for, well, the wholesalers.

The Shack and Kitchen are open daily, May through January 1. Days and hours change with the seasons and the catch, so call or check their Facebook page for the latest hours.

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