362 Harris Avenue, Woonsocket

Cabinets at Wicked Good come in an unusual variety of flavors—Xtreme Coffee, Crazy Monkey, Cookie Monster, Strawberry Shortcake, Cinnamon Spice, and Green Monster—in addition to ordinary vanilla/chocolate/strawberry/coffee. Bliss Brothers Dairy of Attleboro, Massachusetts, supplies the ice cream. Add malt for an old-fashioned kick.

Reviews on Yelp laud the delicious ice cream and friendly family, but complain of unreliable hours. In fact, they inexplicably closed for the 2015 season on July 11, with half the summer still stretching ahead. Wicked Good doesn't have a listed phone number, so you can't call ahead to check if they are open.

Wicked Good Ice Cream is open June 21 through end of September, Thursday and Friday, 5-9pm; Saturday and Sunday, 12-9pm.

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