321 Great Island Road, Galilee, Narragansett
(401) 783-3821

Jimmy's is one of Galilee's overlooked seafood joints, overshadowed in the media as it is by a pair of mainstays that shall remain nameless here. Not that the Port Side is a newcomer to the fishing village; far from it. It's a third-generation family business, run by Jim Petrella, Jr., and his mom, that was originally opened by Jim's grandfather in 1956.

The culinary media may have largely overlooked Jimmy's Port Side, but luckily, its patrons have not. Jimmy's is as busy, and as much loved, as any of the bigger names in the village.

The extensive menu includes clam cakes (made with their own proprietary clamcake mix), chowder, stuffies, scallops, "Italian style" snail salad, calimari, fried clams, steamers, lobster, coffee milk, cabinets, and Narragansett Beer. All seafood has to meet Jim's exacting standards for quality and freshness, or else he sends it back. "Ninety-five percent of our seafood items are prepared in house," he says. "Nothing frozen or pre-breaded."

Notable features include a take-out window, an interior dining room, full liquor license, carved barstools in the shape of fishermen and quahoggers, exterior seating with a view of the Block Island Ferry terminal, and kiddie rides (the kind you drop a quarter in).

Jimmy's Port Side is open Monday through Saturday, 11am-9:30pm, late spring to early November.


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