208 Wayland Square, Providence
(401) 421-2712

Image source: www.ulive.com.

Wayland Square Diner appeared on a segment of the Food Network's Bizarre Foods America (S4E6, aired August 6, 2013). While there, host Andrew Zimmern enjoyed a coffee cabinet. "It's the milkshake experience of fifty years ago," noted Zimmern.

So what else they got? Diner stuff, of course. Breakfast, lunch. Nothing fancy, everything good.

Wayland Square Diner opened in Spring 2011, occupying the spot that was home to Ruffuls restaurant since 1957. The name, owners, and decor may have changed, but little else has. Part of the continuity is long-time Ruffuls waitress Dot Gilmore, who has been serving since the early 1980s.

Chocolate cabinet—super chocolatey!

Wayland Square Diner is open Monday through Saturday, 7am-3pm; Sunday, 8am-3pm.

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