West Food Court, Twin River Casino, Lincoln
(401) 475-8553

If there is a center of the Rhode Island culinary universe, this has to be it. The menu at Jeat? was specifically designed by owner Bill Breeley to include as many local delicacies as possible. Here you'll find calamari, calzones, clam bellies, clam cakes, clam chowder (red or white), clam rolls, coffee milk, Del's frozen lemonade, doughboys, fish and chips, fries with vinegar, hot weiners, lobster rolls, Newport Coffee Traders coffee, pizza strips, sausage and pepper ("peppiz") sandwiches, stuffies, Willow Tree chicken salad sandwiches, and Yacht Club soda. Aside from the chicken salad and the soda, everything is prepared fresh on site with (whenever possible) locally sourced ingredients.

If you like your meals to be thematic, Jeat? offers a number of crafty combos. Want a taste of "The Hill"? That's a small "sausage n' peppiz grinda" and a small fry. Can't wait six months for "The Feast" to come around again? Enjoy a doughboy and a Del's. Got a hankerin' for a hearty dose of seaside? Get "The Galilee": Fish n chips, "chowda," a stuffie, and three clam cakes.

Jeat? started out at Providence Place Mall in 2009, but the high rent made it tough make a profit. A move to Twin River Casino in April 2010 proved successful, and a second location on Atwood Avenue in Cranston followed in July 2011 (but closed in the latter half of 2014).

Jeat? on the Rhode Show in 2010

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