312 Wickenden Street, Providence
(401) 270-3300

Image courtesy of Duck and Bunny.

Duck and Bunny is an anomaly among hot weiner joints because, well, it's not a hot weiner joint. Opened in late February 2010, this bar-cum-tea room-cum-lounge is referred to by husband-and-wife proprietors Daniel and Jessica Becker as a "snuggery." That means it's cozy. But we're not interested in such things at the moment, not when one of the most bizarre re-imaginings of Rhode Island's classic New York System-style hot weiner awaits us on Duck and Bunny's menu.

We're referring, of course, to the Ultimate New York System Crêpe. No, no need to have your eyes checked. We wrote "crêpe," and "crêpe" is what we meant. Be honest, who among you has never once found yourself sitting in a gritty hot weiner joint, contemplating your weiner, and thinking, "I wonder what this would be like in crêpe form"? We thought so. But, hey, now that you know such a thing exists, can you really call yourself a weiner aficionado without having tried one?

Perhaps you'd like to know better what you'd be getting yourself into. Well, there's a crêpe. In the crêpe are four weiners snuggled in a homemade meat sauce, topped with chopped onion and yellow mustard, and sprinkled with celery salt. That's all ordinary and above-board, right? Except for the crêpe? Well, man up! Wash it down with a tall, ice-cold glass of coffee milk and all will be right with the world.

Because real men aren't afraid to wear pink, hug their buddies, or be seen eating weiners wrapped in a dainty, paper-thin pancake.

Duck and Bunny is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am "until late."


Rhode Island Monthly's Best of Rhode Island: Best After Hours Eats (2010).

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