335 Water Street, Warren
(401) 245-3210

Capitalizing on their reputation for great, fresh seafood and delicious chowders and soups, Blount Fine Foods debuted their own clam shack in May 2007. Although clams made Blount what it is today, it's their take on the lobster roll that they tout at the shack. Made with five ounces of chunked lobster, lettuce, and a squirt of dill mayo on a jumbo hot dog bun, it's a very good reason to give your jaws a stretch.

The shack is actually two trailers that are pulled into place at the beginning of summer. A large tent gives shelter from the elements, drinks are dispensed from three machines at the side, and another trailer sells frozen yogurt. The business is right next door to part of Blount's processing area where there's a big pile of broken clam shells in the parking lot. The smell when you first arrive can be off-putting, but you soon get used to it and it just becomes part of the tide-side ambiance.

During a June 2008 visit we sampled the clam cakes, stuffies, and "clam bake" chowder. The clam cakes were pretty standard; tasty but unremarkable. The stuffies were baked in a scallop shell, which is unusual in itself, but hey, did we detect a bit of crab meat in there? The clam bake chowder was a clear chowder with chourico and corn—a mix of salty and sweet with just a hint of spiciness.

The menu also includes traditional Rhode Island shack staples like white and red clam chowders and fried whole-belly clams. Two things you can get here that you can't get at any other shack are Blount's lobster stew and extreme lobster bisque.

If, having sampled Blount's chowders or lobster bisque at the shack, you wish you could have the same tasty concoctions at home, take a walk down to the Blount Factory Store at 406 Water Street. There you can purchase about thirty varieties of soup in freezable half-gallon bags.

A second Blount Clam Shack location was opened next to the Crescent Park Carousel in Riverside in 2008

Blount Clam Shack is open May to September, and hours vary according to the season. Check their official website for the latest info.


Rhode Island Monthly's Readers' Poll: Best Clam Shack in the East Bay (2011-2014).

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