684 Bullock's Point Avenue, Riverside, East Providence

You've been riding the Crescent Park Carousel for hours, lost in a nostalgic reverie. Your fingers are stained with brass tarnish, your internal organs are permanently wedged against the right side of your body cavity, and your butt is numb. You finally stumble away from the ride in a daze and make your wobbly way outside, where the fragrant aroma of fried foods insinuates itself onto your olfactory receptors. There, within earshot of the carousel's hooting calliope, is just the thing to clear your head and stretch your stomach back into its proper shape. Blount Clam Shack serves up clam cakes, red and white chowder, stuffies, doughboys, and the rest of the usual take-out suspects, like hot dogs, hamburgers, cheese fries, and clam strips. Choose your medicine.

Restored to your senses, and with your belly full, you can't help but look toward the carousel once more. Its lure is undeniable, but the consequences may be dire. Do you dare?

Formerly known as Crescent Park Chowda House or Ri-Da's Place, Blount took over operation of the small concession stand during the middle of the summer of 2008. It's their second clam shack location, after the one opened in Warren in 2007.

Blount Clam Shack is open April through Columbus Day, Thursday through Sunday, 11:30am-8pm.


Rhode Island Monthly's Readers' Poll: Best Clam Shack in the East Bay (2012)

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