2338 Plainfield Pike, Johnston
(401) 942-1960

Jesse's is a little sketchy, but we've never had a bad meal there. Why sketchy, you ask? First, the place was closed between 2009 and 2013 for reasons that are unclear, but apparently the Department of Environmental Management had a hand in it. Then there are the hours, which are not posted anywhere. A sign out front says "Sat ' Sun - (blank) AM to (blank) PM," but we were just there on a Wednesday at 5pm (August 2018) and enjoyed a pair of weiners and a coffee milk. No social media presence means Jesse's maintains an old-school mysteriousness that can only be alleviated by visiting the physical location.

One might also be confused about the name. Is it Jesse's, as is spelled out in decal letters in the window, or is it Jesse's II, as it says on the professionally produced sign over the entrance? Well, it's the first one. The sign comes from a second location that was open in West Warwick from 2009 to about 2014. Presumably the owners had no place to put the sign when that business closed, so they stuck it on the building at the original location.

Sometime after 2014 the menu was trimmed to eliminate breakfast options and some of the less-popular items. Pizza was added around the same time. Sometimes they have grapenut pudding.

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