Salt Pond Shopping Center, 91 Point Judith Road, Narragansett
(401) 783-8086

The pizza strips at Colvitto's (not to be confused with Calvitto's) have a nice, savory, garlicky sauce. They come in red or white, individually or by the box. Additionally, they offer several other pizzas that are sort of a hybrid of pizza strips and pizzeria pizza: square, room temp, but with a variety of toppings. They'll throw your order into the oven for a warm-up if you like. Colvitto's is a full-spectrum bakery, offering breads, pastries, calzones and pizza pies, and other prepared foods.

Colvitto's has been a purveyor of yeasty comestibles since 1995.

Colvitto's is open daily, 9am-8pm.

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