889 Oakland Beach Avenue, Warwick
(401) 737-9459

Iggy's has two locations, one in Warwick and one in Narragansett. The Warwick location operates on the site of what was claimed to be the "oldest beach stand in Rhode Island." Known as Gus's, it was built in 1924. Gus sold the business to Gaetano and Sally Gravino in 1989, and their family has run it, under the name Iggy's, ever since. The restaurant has stupendous views of Narragansett Bay, and in 1999 an indoor dining area was added, allowing patrons to enjoy those views while avoiding the ravenous seagulls. Then in the fall of 2007 the whole restaurant was torn down and rebuilt in time to open the following April. Improvements include a larger kitchen and a take-out window set-up designed to increase efficiency and reduce waiting times. Around this time local artist Frankie Galasso designed a new logo, tracing an actual dougboy to get the shape just right.

Iggy's (the name came from the letters "IG" on Gaetano's license plate) serves white and red (or Manhattan) chowder, clam cakes, huge stuffies, and snail salad, but doughboys, which are about the size of a clam cake and are sold by the dozen or half-dozen, are their biggest seller. A 1995 Providence Journal article described them as "square shaped, with interiors fluffy as fresh bagettes, and golden-brown crusts sprinkled, in most cases, with granulated sugar. They taste best fresh from the bubbly fryer." Also on the menu is the "Famous Iggy Burger," differentiated from the common run of lesser burgers by the addition of mustard, relish, sautéed peppers and onions. Yacht Club soda, bottled in North Providence since 1915, is one of the proffered drink selections. And of course many other items are available for your ingestitory pleasure as well.

Iggy's is only a few dozen yards from Narragansett Bay. There's a playground within sight of the dining area and almost a half-mile of beach to frolic on—and let's be honest, who among us couldn't do with more frolicking in our lives?

In 1994, Iggy's in Narragansett was featured in an Unsolved Mysteries episode that focused on the disappearance of Adam and Elena Emery, and in 1997, the cast of Meet Joe Black visited the Warwick Iggy's at least once. Iggy's was a shooting location for a film called The Path (apparently never completed), directed by Warwick resident Barry Blier, in 2005.

During his tenure as a U.S. Senator (1999-2007), Lincoln Chafee attended a senator's conference, at which the attendees were asked to bring something from their hometown. Chafee flew in Iggy's clam cakes, chowder, and doughboys.

Iggy's Oakland Beach is open year 'round. In summer the hours are Sunday to Thursday, 11am to 10pm; Friday and Saturday, 11am to 11pm. In winter, Sunday to Thursday, 11am to 7pm; Friday and Saturday, 11am to 8pm.

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Awards for Iggy's Oakland Beach

ABC6 Best of Southern New England Viewers' Poll: Best Clam Cakes (2000)
Providence Phoenix Readers' Picks: Best Clam Shack (2010, 2013), Best Chowder (2013).
Rhode Island Monthly: one of the ten best clam shacks in Rhode Island (1997).
Rhode Island Monthly's Best of Rhode Island: Best Clam Shack (2000), Best Fish and Chips, Best Guilty Indulgence, Best Place to Trip Down Memory Lane (1999-2003), Best Cheap Eats (2012).
Rhode Island Monthly's Readers' Poll: Best Fish and Chips in the West Bay (2002-2005), Best Clam Shack in the West Bay (2002-2004, 2006-2007, 2010-2014), Best Chowder in the West Bay (2009), Best Clam Cakes in the West Bay (2009), Best Fried Clams in the West Bay (2009), Best Cheap Eats (2013).
Yankee Magazine's Travel Guide of New England: Editor's Pick (1999).

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