32 Rathbun Street, Woonsocket
(401) 766-5806

You don't have to moonlight to afford a meal at Moonlight House of Weiners. It's a no-nonsense grab 'n' gulp, and the perfect place to toss down a few weiners or a dynamite and a coffee milk on the fly.

After hours on July 16, 2005, the House suffered a truly Rhode Island sort of crime, when a 21-year-old Woonsocket man named Jason S. Delbane broke in and sprayed coffee syrup all over a storage room.

Moonlight House of Weiners is open Sunday and Monday, 8am-8pm; Tuesday through Saturday, 8am-10pm.

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Posted by terry t on April 18, 2012
Member since April 2012
the prices are good the food is good .the people are the best. dynamites,weiners,fries onion rings,burgers that would make wimpey come for more.daily specials for everyones taste buds.breakfast all day. and the diner is very clean. when making the dogs a plastic sleeve is used for good hygiene. try it youll like it. dont foget to try the coffee milk. miss jackie,mila,naglaa,elaine,will take your order .
Posted by beav on March 19, 2010
Member since March 2010
thee best weiners i have ever had .onion rings ,fries,burgers,dynamites and a menu to lighten the load during these hard times. the people are always nice and breakfast is served all day. on fridays you dont have to go all the way to narragansett to enjoy chowder and clam cakes. workers use plastic sleeves on there arms for sanitary handling. you dont see that done every where. for me this is a 5 star diner. try it .
Posted by bob b on January 6, 2009
Member since January 2009
good food,good service,good prices during these hard times. and a great menu too boot.try moonlight and you will be back for more. BREAKFAST SERVED ALL DAY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE.

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