1594 Cranston Street, Knightsville, Cranston
(401) 942-9840

Solitro's is a family-owned business that has been around since the mid-1960s. As of 2015 there are three generations of Solitro's bakers working the store on any given day, including Mike "The Baker" Solitro, one of the original founding brothers. The shelves are well-stocked with an array of crusty Italian bread; egg, wine, and pepper biscuits; pizza and calzones; a wide range of assorted Italian pastry; cakes and pies, and more!

We don't know if Solitro's pizza strips are an old recipe handed down by generations of Itrian bakers, and frankly, we don't care. The red strips are quite tasty, with a moist, zesty sauce and a crust that won't break your teeth. They have white strips, too. When you visit, cast your eye over the other baked goodies on view and you may find you leave with far more than you meant to buy.

Solitro's is open Tuesday-Saturday, 7am-6pm; Sunday 7am-3pm.

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