1942 Smith Street, North Providence
(401) 353-0971

This is a satellite location for the original Carrie's on Douglas Avenue. It offers a subset of the original's menu, with an emphasis on chowder and fried platters. You can dine in or take out.

Many Rhode Island eateries offer seafood options (fish and chips, for instance) that are only available on Fridays in order to service the state's sizable Catholic population. This shop seems to be specifically geared to that demographic, as Friday is the only day it's open.

Update, December 2017: This is now the only Carrie's location still in business. The Douglas Avenue location is permanently closed.

Carrie's Family Dining is open Fridays only, 3pm-8:30pm.


Great Chowder Cook-Off: Best Seafood Chowder (1991).

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