6 Freeborne Street, Warwick
(401) 742-2105

Sam's was opened in 1968 by Sam Xiarhos, and his kids, Peter and George, own it today. Of all the weiner places we list, Sam's is one of the most stripped down: limited menu, only a handful of counter stools and four eat-in tables. But the weiners themselves are not lacking, and we can vouch for the fries, too.

If you're a Red Sox or Patriots fan with a delicate sensibility, you may want to patronize a different establishment. Peter and George are Yankees and Giants boosters and they display their loyalties on the walls of their restaurant. When we visited in July of 2010 they even had a Yankees game playing on the TV, an amenity that some youth baseball chaperones visiting from Connecticut seemed to appreciate. "Hey, Jane! Get in here! They got the Yankees on!"

Sam's used to be located at 2653 West Shore Road but a July 4, 2006, fire in the adjacent Sweetwater Home Consignment shop brought smoke and water damage to the whole strip mall and the building ended up being razed. It took awhile to re-open in their new location, apparently because of a flighty contractor, but they finally got things squared away for a March 12, 2008, re-launch. Weiners were priced for a time at $1.68 each in tribute to the year of the business's founding. They currently (2015) offer two specials: All-you-can-eat weiners and fries for $18.50; or seven weiners for the price of six.

Two wieners all da way and a cawfee milk.

The record for most weiners consumed in one hour at Sam's is eighteen, set by a guy in October 2012. Can you do better?

By the way, as of September 2015, Sam's accepts credit cards. No more stopping at the ATM before you get your wiener on!

Sam's is unrelated to Sam's in North Providence, but there is a family connection to Weiner Genie in Lincoln and the former Connie and Nikki's Restaurant and Creamery in Pawtucket.

Sam's New York System is open Monday to Thursday, 11am-10pm; Friday, 11am-11pm; and Saturday, 11am-9pm.

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