State Pier 5, 190 Ocean Road, Narragansett
(401) 782-2524

Photo courtesy of David Stone.

According to Monahan's website, the building at State Pier #5, also known as Monahan's Dock, has been many things over the years—gas station, restaurant, clam shack, dairy bar. But locals may remember it most vividly as the Starboard Galley, Tommy Silvia's, or simply "Best Chowda," because that's what the sign out front declared.

In 2006 the Starboard Galley's lease ran out, allowing the family of the original owner, Joseph Monahan, to open their own clam shack the following year.

All the basic clam shack favorites are here, plus a few items for the landlubbers amongst us. Chowders; white, clear, and red—they got 'em. Stuffies: small, could use a shot of hot sauce. Clam cakes: perfect. Fried clams with bellies: delicious. Calamari, lobster roll, fried scallops, crab cakes: haven't tried them yet, can't comment.

In 2009 Monahan's introduced fresh ice cream, shakes and floats, and fruit smoothies with names like "I'm not much of a Gambler" (strawberries and bananas) and "I'm Feelin' Kinda Fruity" (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and orange sherbet). A smoothie shack isn't exactly traditional for such a salty location, but for many it's a welcome discovery.

No indoor seating, but who needs it when you can enjoy your meal oceanside on the seawall? That blinking light in the distance is Beavertail Lighthouse, marking the southern tip of Conanicut Island. A little further beyond is Brenton Point, Aquidneck Island's southernmost point. On a clear day you may be able to see all the way to Sakonnet Point on the east side of the bay. See that little nubbin of rock off to your right with the turret-shaped mound on top? That's the remains of Whale Rock Lighthouse, wiped out in the Hurricane of 1938.

Monahan's is open every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day, 11am-8pm or later; and Friday to Tuesday, 11am-7pm, the rest of the year.

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