659 Hartford Pike, North Scituate, Scituate
(401) 764-0633

Howard's Chowder Shack (formerly Country Chowder Shack) may be your last chance to indulge your casual seafood fetish in Little Rhody before hitting Connecticut. They have clear, white, and Manhattan red chowders, clam cakes, stuffies, fish and chips, fried dinners, calamari, hot weiners (but not on Fridays), doughboys, their own frozen lemonade, and more. If you don't see clear chowder on the menu, just ask. We're assured they make it every day. Having a "time"? Howard's caters!

Original owner Bob Delgreco started the place around 1970, and it was taken over by David Crossman around 2010. In 2013 the shack changed hands again, and was rechristened after new owner Howard Hughes. Bob Delgreco came back briefly to help Hughes master the recipes.

An open-air dining area to the left of the shack features a three-panel mural of a bay-scape by North Scituate artist Christine McIntyre-Hannon. She painted it free-hand in two days in June 2013.

Howard's Chowder Shack is open Wednesday to Sunday, 12-8pm. Hours may change seasonally, so check their Facebook page for the latest.


Rhode Island Monthly's Readers' Poll: Best Clamcake (2006), Best Clam Shack in Providence County (2011).

As Country Chowder Shack, back in April 2005.

Clear chowder; stuffie. (December 2013).

(May 2017).

The Fish 'n' Chips Combo (with white chowder and three clam cakes). (May 2017).

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