184 Admiral Kalbfus Road, Newport
(401) 847-2069

Bishop's is an early 1950s O'Mahony diner that started its life in Swansea, Massachusetts. It was moved to Newport in 1967, and in 1989 was purchased and restored by Patricia "Tish" Warner, who ran it with her daughters for many years. The current owner, since at least 1999, is Nancy Bishop. The "4th Street" part of its name derives from its proximity to the railroad line, which, prior to the 1880s, was a street by that name. Per diner expert Larry Cultrera, it was named Princeton Diner when he photographed it in 1982.

Christopher has tried both the thin and crispy East Bay-style johnnycakes and the bisuits and gravy, and he declares them delicious. In fact, he wishes he had a plate of them biscuits and gravy right now!

Other stand-outs: The Portuguese sweet bread toast and Portuguese-style French toast.

Bishop's 4th Street Diner is open Monday to Thursday, 6am-3pm; Friday, 6am-8pm; Saturday and Sunday, 6:30am-2pm.


Rhode Island Monthly's Readers' Poll: Best Diner in Newport County (1995, 2013).

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