1401 Park Avenue, Cranston
(401) 464-4200

Calvitto's is one of our favorites for pizza strips—generous amounts of sauce and a crust that's not too chewy. They also have white pizza strips (no sauce or cheese, just foccaccia bread with a sprinkling of herbs, garlic, and red pepper—chewy and spicy) and "dressed" pizza strips (strips with toppings like pepperoni, black olives, etc.). If you need a party box, remember to call ahead—or risk getting the evil eye from the counter lady!

They also sell bread and rolls, biscuits, biscotti, wandis, cakes and pies, pastries, and calzones, all baked fresh daily at this location.

This is the first Calvitto's location, opened in 1985.

This Calvitto's location is open Tuesday to Saturday, 7am-8pm; Sunday, 7am-7pm.


Rhode Island Monthly's Best of Rhode Island: Best Pizza Squares (2002).

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