Rhode Island events via RSS

If you use an RSS aggregator application or web site, you can get updates of the event calendar from our Calendar RSS feed.

Rhode Island events via iCal

If you use a calendar application that supports the iCalendar standard you can subscribe to the Quahog.org RI Events calendar from our iCal feed.


Apple's iCal and Mozilla's Calendar or Sunbird.


Novell's Evolution, the KDE suite's KOrganizer, the Horde application Kronolith, as well as Mozilla's Calendar or Sunbird.


Microsoft Works (version 8 or higher), WinDates, EventSherpa, and Mozilla's Calendar or Sunbird.

Upcoming events automatically appear in your desktop calendar along with all your other events. From there, you can sync them with your PDA, iPod, and cell phone. No more excuses for staying at home surrounded by empty pizza boxes, watching re-runs of Family Guy.

If clicking the iCal link in your browser doesn't work, you may need to copy the link and paste it into the "Subscribe" section of your calendar application instead.

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