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May 30

*Museum Director Historical artifact series, Coventry

May 30-31

*POSTPONED—Newport Waterfront Oyster Festival, Newport

May 31

*Rhode Island Postcard Club Meeting, North Providence

June 6

*CANCELLED—Guided Walk on Neutaconkanut Hill, Providence

*CANCELLED—Gaspee Days Fireworks Extravaganza, Pawtuxet, Warwick

*40th Annual Festival of Historic Houses, Providence

*Kite Flying Day, Jamestown

*Visitors Day at Swiss Village, Newport

June 11

*Newport Gallery Night, Newport

June 12-14

*37th Annual Black Ships Festival, Bristol

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May 29th in Rhode Island history*


*Rhode Island becomes the last of the thirteen original colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution. Rhode Island's reluctance was due in part to the debate over the addition of a bill of rights to guarantee individual liberties; but once such a bill was proposed by Congress, Rhode Island finally ratified the Constitution by a narrow margin (34 to 32). The fact that the new "more perfect union" would have treated Rhode Island as a foreign government if it had failed to ratify may also have had something to do with their change of heart.


*Dana P. Colburn and Arthur Sumner open the first Rhode Island State Normal School in the building then owned by the Second Universalist Society, on the corner of Broad and Eddy streets.


*Wakefield National Bank (Charter #1206) is reorganized as the Wakefield Trust Company.


*The Rhode Island General Assembly enacts a campaign finance bill, and Governor Philip Noel quickly signs it into law at a special session of the General Assembly, but confusion reigns over exactly what "measure" means.


*The $13 million Washington Bridge repair project begins, but the much-dreaded traffic snarl that some feared does not materialize.

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