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March 11

*Newport Gallery Night, Newport

March 13

*Heritage Hike: Harkness Conservation Area, Forestdale, North Smithfield

March 19

*My Life in a Lighthouse, Riverside, East Providence

March 28

*The Ospreys of Narrow River, Narragansett

April 8

*Newport Gallery Night, Newport

April 10

*Heritage Hike: Harkness Conservation Area, Forestdale, North Smithfield

April 24

*Stone Walls Walk and Talk, Bristol

*Run for the Lighthouse, Riverside, East Providence

May 1

*Derby Day Party, Bristol

May 8

*Heritage Hike: Harkness Conservation Area, Forestdale, North Smithfield

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March 4th in Rhode Island history*


*The "Daughters of Liberty" society is organized by eighteen young women in Providence. While there are several organizations of young men, or "Sons of Liberty," throughout the colonies, this is the first organization of patriotic young women.


*Fresh from victory in Nassau, the Continental fleet, under Rhode Islander Esek Hopkins, captures New Providence in the Bahamas.


*Governor (1845-'46) Charles Jackson is born in Providence.


*Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, who opened Japanese ports to world trade in 1854, dies at the age of 63.


*The remains of General Nathanael Greene, whose burial place had been lost for nearly a century, are found in a tomb at Savannah, Georgia.


*To prevent the failure of local banks precipitated by a rush by many to turn their bank deposits into hard currency, acting governor Robert E. Quinn declares a bank holiday.


*A record blizzard, with 17.7 inches of snow, brings business to a halt.

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